We have slaughtered and dressed birds, we also have live birds. We have set up an eatery where we cook our own chicken from farmers as well. We also do free door to door delivery of live and slaughtered birds 15 km from CBD, We have set up distribution points within the estates of town and also have mobile butcheries (3 wheeler tuk- tuks) that usually stand at designated points for sales.

We have both contracted and non-contracted farmers, the good thing is that all the farmers enjoy certain services:

 Training and capacity building

We engage the farmer to understand the commercialization/information on basic poultry management of poultry keeping. We guide the farmer to understand the requirements and the qualities of the birds that the market demands. Like the weight, the duration of production, the market price.

 Pre-farm visits

We do pre-farm visits before the birds are delivered to the farm to help the farmer to prepare the brooder and to check the housing and other aspects that need to be put in place before the birds are delivered.

 24hrs extension services at a phone call way

This is available at any time to give the farmer confidence in the sense that anytime the birds have a problem they have a extension service officer at their disposal.

 Market guarantee for all their grown birds

For all the products from the egg to the grown birds, we guarantee their market. We pay cash at collection.

Mito Jura Rd, Next to Avenue Hospital, Kisumu

P.O.BOX 1089- 40100 Kisumu, Kenya

Tel: +254 726 167545

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