•  Day old birds / One month old and above

We sell the day old birds to the farmers who have an experience in management of the day old and one month old and above to the farmer who does not have experience in a day old.

  •  Feeds/medications (inputs)

We sell and train the farmer on the quantities of feeds and medication the birds are supposed to be given per bird per day at all stages of grown.

  •  Eggs

We sell table eggs for consumption and fertile eggs for hatching.

  •  Chicken meat.

We have slaughtered and dressed birds and we also live birds. We have an eatery for a direct avenue for consumption of the birds from our farmers. We also have a free mode of delivery from 15KM from the CBD and live bird birds distribution points within residential estates and the mobile butcheries.

Mito Jura Rd, Next to Avenue Hospital, Kisumu

P.O.BOX 1089- 40100 Kisumu, Kenya

Tel: +254 726 167545

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