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Our Journey: Chicken Basket

A branded three-wheeler vehicle (Tuk Tuk) stops at a compound in Kisian, Kisumu County, and soon, two crates are offloaded by a man dressed in a white overcoat.

Inside the crates are tens of day-old chicks delivered to a farmer.

Soon, the farmer and the worker from the firm named Chicken Basket count the chicks one by one before the tuk tuk zooms off to another farm.

On this day, the firm is distributing the day-old chicks to several farmers. On another day, Chicken Basket would be distributing feeds to farmers or collecting eggs and chickens, which are added value to and then delivered to clients.

Chicken Basket is a one-stop shop for poultry matters and is run by Abisai Nandi.

“I started as a poultry farmer some three years ago, specialising in hatching and selling day-old chicks,” recalls Nandi. Read More “Our Journey: Chicken Basket”

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