About us

Welcome to Chicken Basket. We are located in Kisumu on Mito Jura road, next to Avenue Hospital. We are a one stop shop, we sell chicks, feeds, medications and we also have a 24hrs extension services for all our farmers. We sell one day old chicks, one month old and above. All our farmers enjoy free training, free pre-farm visits and advice before the birds are delivered to the farm. Our farmers also have a market guarantee for all their grown birds. We also do free door to door delivery of dressed and live chicken 15 km from CBD.

Our model is a one stop shop, where the farmers get all our products and services under one roof. Before the collection of birds, we ensure that our extension service officers visit the farm to guide, advice and ensure that the farmer is fully prepared to have the birds, besides that, the farmer is also trained on all subjects pertaining to poultry management and keeping before he/she collects the birds.

We have both contracted and non-contracted farmers, the good thing is that all the farmers enjoy certain services:

  •  Training and capacity building
  •  Pre farm visits
  •  24hrs extension services at a phone call way
  •  Market guarantee for all their grown birds

Our Objectives:

  •  To establish a one stop shop model for poultry farmers to access quality inputs
  •  To build capacity of farmers through training and cost benefit analysis to make them understand the commercialization aspect of indigenous chicken.
  •  To provide technical extension services to all our farmers working with us.
  •  To provide facilities/avenues for value addition, packaging and storage.
  •  To identify and create viable market access for the products.